If you have been arrested or wrongly accused of a crime in Chicago, you need to get a good lawyer who will represent you all the way. Despite winning a criminal cases and getting charges dismissed- there are some situations where a client has legal options after the criminal case.

Sometimes the accused spends a significant time in jail before ultimately being found not guilty. In certain situations, this can lead to civil actions for wrongful arrest, with the potential for compensation.

A trustworthy criminal defense attorney in Chicago will fight for a just verdict. One of the ways they can achieve this is by knowing the client as a person. This factor is important to earn the judge’s sympathy or to create an impact with the jury, especially if the accused chooses to testify in his or her own defense.

If you’ve already been jailed, you’ll need a good Chicago criminal lawyer to get you out fast. This means that they should do everything that they can to make this possible, such as asking the judge to reduce your bail or filing motions in a timely manner. For a situation like this, you may seek assistance from an established law firm such as the Gruszeczki & Smith Law, LLP because you need attorneys who are knowledgeable in handling complicated matters.
The privacy of a client is very important, especially when dealing with family members. Because being accused of a crime is a sensitive subject, your attorney should know if it’s right to talk about the case to a loved one or keep the information private.

Criminal charges are brought against Chicago citizens every day. But, charges are not convictions. Being accused does not mean you are guilty and does not mean you have to go to jail, especially if you are a victim who has been wrongly accused. If you have a dedicated criminal defense lawyer on your side, your case can be handled correctly and they can work on sparing you from an unwarranted jail sentence.