Even if you’ve been tagged for driving under the influence (DUI) multiple times, you still need representation.
A study by the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists found that the Chicago police force nabbed 3,795 DUI suspects last year, compared with the 2011 tally of 3,037. When you’ve been flagged down for DUI but insist you’re still sober after having only one drink, seek counsel from a trusted Chicago DUI attorney such as Michael Gruszeczki or Dustin Smith of Gruszeczki & Smith Law LLP.

DUI suspects should alert their lawyer of their present situation and the arresting officer must read their rights before the former are processed. However, there are many things that can suddenly go in the police’s favor when the suspect undergoes intense questioning. Often times police questioning leads to favorable evidence for the prosecution. A skilled attorney can mean the difference between this evidence getting barred or admitted into court. Contact an experienced attorneys like Michael Gruszeczki or Dustin Smith to receive a consultation and start your driving under the influence defense.