In Chicago, operating a vehicle with a BAC or blood-alcohol content of .08 or above is already considered a DUI (driving under the influence) case, which can lead to your arrest. Even if the sobriety test result is under .08, you can still be detained as long as the police officer believes that your driving has been impaired due to intoxication. Even if you have been arrested and taken field sobriety tests and/or a breath, blood, or urine test, many defenses to your case may still exist.

Driving Under the Influence Representation

To deal with matters like these, you may need the assistance of a trustworthy Chicago DUI attorney. Make sure you find the right one for your particular situation. You can ask for referrals or use a search engine to find an established law firm or attorney that can help you.

Once you have the name of a Chicago DUI lawyer in mind, set up a consultation. Ask questions that would help you get to know the lawyer and their expertise. Consider the attorney’s background in handling Driving Under the Influence cases, the number of trials conducted, their key concerns about your case, the potential cost of the defense, and if you need to meet with other lawyers.

If you are arrested for Driving under the influence in the City, your license will be suspended and you can also face heavy fines or even jail time. Since these cases are usually complicated (see, you need to ensure that the law firm you’re dealing with is reputable. Consult established law firms such as Gruszeczki & Smith Law, LLP to ensure a smooth, well-crafted legal defense.

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