Is it possible to get my criminal arrest record expunged or sealed?2019-06-17T01:48:27+00:00

Under specific circumstances, Illinois law allows felony, misdemeanor, or municipal ordinance violation records in Criminal and Traffic cases to be expunged or sealed. If you qualify, a judge can order your records sealed or expunged by law enforcement agencies. “Expunged” records are destroyed. “Sealed” records are closed and restricted from public access, but are not destroyed. This means employers and creditors cannot see these arrests. For a free consultation with experienced Chicago expungement attorneys, contact Gruszeczki & Smith Law at 312-253-7343 or use the form to the right.

Do I need an attorney for a bond hearing?2018-10-10T14:17:48+00:00

Having an experienced attorney at your side in bond court can mean the difference between making bail or being held in custody (jail) while awaiting trial. Contact the attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith Law at 312-253-7343.

Someone I care about was just arrested by the police, but I don’t know where the police took him, where should I look?2018-10-10T14:17:01+00:00

An experienced criminal attorney, like the attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith Law, LLP can help locate a loved one after he has been arrested. As former prosecutors, we are familiar with the various police locations throughout the city and know where to look. We can find your loved one. Even in police custody, the accused has the right to consult with an attorney. The defense in a criminal case starts immediately after an arrest. Waiting too long to contact an attorney in this situation can make matters worse. If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact us at 312- 253-7343 or email us by using the form to the right. We are available 24/7.