Areas of Practice

With more than a decade of combined, in the trenches, criminal trial experience, your criminal defense lawyers at Gruszeczki and Smith Law can confidently handle a wide range of criminal defense. So, no matter what issue or charges you may be facing you can be confident that when you call Gruszeczki and Smith Law you are making the right call for yourself and those that depend on you.

The scope of our practice includes defending clients against charges of:

  • DUI charges: We aggressively defend you against DUI charges whether you are facing first-time charges or are accused of multiple DWI offenses.
  • Drug charges: Our attorneys have significant experience handling both state and federal drug crime charges. As former prosecutors, our attorneys know how to work within the system.
  • Gun charges: Gun charges are serious business in Chicago and Illinois. Put our experience and expertise on your side.
  • Traffic Violations: If you’re accused of driving a vehicle while your driver’s license is revoked or suspended, you could be facing time in jail or in prison.
  • Other criminal charges: Including burglary, prostitution, assault, battery, theft, robbery, vehicular hijacking, kidnapping and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Our attorneys work personally with each and every client. Your fate won’t rest with a para-legal or junior member of some huge team. At Gruszeczki and Smith Law you receive the attentive service you deserve throughout every stage of the legal process.

As a Chicago criminal lawyers and trial attorneys with over a decade of combined trial experience, Gruszeczki and Smith Law will provide you with the experience, guidance, and dedication that you need during your tense situation. We understand the implications of your situation and the impact that a criminal conviction can have on you and your family. This is why your attorneys at Gruszeczki and Smith Law will make every effort to ensure that you understand all your available options and use their trial experience at every stage of the legal process.

Remember, it is in your best interests to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as quickly after arrest as possible. The sooner you make contact the sooner time-sensitive evidence, witness testimony, and other information can be gathered on your behalf.