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If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, our Chicago based criminal law firm can give you the help you need.  Our attorneys know their way around Cook County so you don’t have to worry.  Remain silent and call us, our criminal attorneys will do the talking for you.  Pick up the phone and call our law firm 7 days a week at any hour of the day.  Keep reading to learn more about our criminal law attorneys and schedule a free criminal case evaluation online.

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If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, the time to act is now. Once arrested you still have constitutional rights which are protected by the law. The Chicago criminal defense attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith Law are experienced trial lawyers with an eye towards protecting those rights. Professional, dedicated, and unyielding, the attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith will fight for you or a loved one in court. Our goal in every case is a not guilty verdict at trial or the outright dismissal of your case. Even though some cases never go to trial, the attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith Law use these goals as a starting point in every case so our clients are in the best possible position.

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The Advantage of Former Illinois Prosecutors

Criminal defense attorneys Michael Gruszeczki and Dustin Smith are both former prosecutors. Our clients have the advantage of our unique insight into the minds of the police and the prosecution. We know what the prosecution will argue and how the evidence will be presented at trial. We are familiar with police investigative techniques, procedures, and the manner in which the police testify in court. Our experience gives us an advantage when analyzing your case because we know how to find flaws in the prosecution’s case, and more importantly, we know how to use those flaws to your advantage. We leave no stone unturned.

With more than a decade of combined, in the trenches, criminal trial experience, your criminal defense lawyers at Gruszeczki and Smith Law can confidently handle a wide range of criminal defense. So, no matter what issue or charges you may be facing you can be confident that when you call Gruszeczki and Smith Law you are making the right call for yourself and those that depend on you.

The scope of our practice includes defending clients against charges of:

  • DUI charges: We aggressively defend you against DUI charges whether you are facing first-time charges or are accused of multiple DWI offenses.
  • Drug charges: Our attorneys have significant experience handling both state and federal drug crime charges. As former prosecutors, our attorneys know how to work within the system.
  • Gun charges: Gun charges are serious business in Chicago and Illinois. Put our experience and expertise on your side.
  • Traffic Violations: If you’re accused of driving a vehicle while your driver’s license is revoked or suspended, you could be facing time in jail or in prison.
  • Other criminal charges: Including burglary, prostitution, assault, battery, theft, robbery, vehicular hijacking, kidnapping and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Our Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers

Dustin Smith

Attorney Dustin Smith

If you need an experienced DUI attorney for DUI charges, turn to Michael Gruszeczki and Dustin Smith of Gruszeczki & Smith Law.
Dustin Smith grew up in the southwest suburbs and attended Lincoln- Way High School in Frankfort, Illinois. After graduation he attended the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign where he earned a degree in History and a minor in Anthropology. Dustin graduated college in three years and went on to attend the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois.

Michael Gruszeczki

Attorney Michael Gruszeczki

Michael Gruszeczki was born and raised on Chicago’s Northwest Side. After graduating from Fenwick High School, he attended Loyola University of Chicago, where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. After graduation from Loyola, Mike spent 5 years working as an analyst for Elwood Associates, an investment consulting firm in Chicago. Criminal defense attorney Michael Gruszeczki will fight for your rights!

Criminal Defense Law Awards & Certificates

Illinois state bar association

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“Dustin Smith has provided valuable consult and legal support on a number of occasions. He has a unique ability to translate complicated legal jargon into understandable terms. He’s certainly talked me off a few ledges! I’ve had a few situations which did not follow normal or predicted paths as they unfolded, but Dustin proved unflappable, professional, and supportive. I would highly recommend this firm to any person with appropriate legal needs.”

Dustin Smith-Professional and Supportive Lawyer

Dustin Smith is exceptional!

My husband and I have worked with Dustin Smith countless times over the past 5 years with his representation in real estate law, and we look forward to many more! Dustin is an extremely trusted advisor, and he truly cares about his clients. We have made numerous recommendations to friends, family, and to our own clients, and they have all referred and recommended him frequently.

Posted by Brittany , AVVO Review

” Dustin Smith has been my attorney for both purchasing a new home, and selling a home. Both experiences have been wonderful. Dustin did a great job at explaining both processes, going through all of the paperwork with me, answering all of my questions, and worked hard in making sure there weren’t any issues/unknowns at the time of closing. Both processes were quick and painless. I honestly felt like I did not do much during both of these closings, and I think that it exactly how a Client wants to feel – taken care of. If you want to work with someone who is knowledgeable, honest, and works hard to get the job done- then I highly recommend Dustin Smith! “

Satisfied Client, AVVO Review
” Dustin help with the bike process and closing of my new home and the sale of a home. He handled everything and was able to answer every question I could come up with. He is very prompt in answering emails and phone calls. I would recommend him to anyone.“
Dustin is great, AVVO Review
”I was a witness in a domestic battery case which I was subpoenaed to testify in. The victim pressed battery charges against me for being involved. I was kept out of jail and everything was dropped thanks to Dustin. Under what I considered a high-pressure situation where I was blind-sided and about to be arrested he handled it with absolute professionalism and I didn’t even have to speak. Highly recommend.“
Highly Recommend Dustin Smith., AVVO Review
”Gruszeczki & Smith Law represented me in a real estate closing roughly a year ago. Extremely professional and reliable throughout the entire process. I felt comfortable asking all of my questions and knew I was in good hands. It was actually the easiest real estate transaction I’ve worked through because of Mike and Dustin. I’ve recommended to family, friends and co-workers.“
Recommend to family, friends and co-workers!, AVVO Review
”I have used Dustin Smith’s legal services for both real estate transactions and for legal advice pertaining to my small business. I could’t be happier with his attention to detail and his overall knowledge and professionalism.“
Professional, AVVO Review
”Attorney Justin Smith is a magician! I had a difficult drug conviction looming over my head; on house-arrest with a two count indictment and the prospect of facing a maximum of 30 years in prison. Not only am I free, but the two count indictment was reduced to the lower count, and the maximum conviction was reduced to 2 years probation. Attorney Smith is a strong defense attorney, with a vast legal network in Chicago, also there to represent me at each court appearance. I am a west-side resident — living in a gang and drug infested community in Chicago yet, Dustin understood my case, and was for me and my fiance’ every step of the way. I highly recommend this twenty-first century Attorney, who did not look down on me, or pass me off to another Attorney despite my situations. Attorney Smith worked with me without hesitation. He kept me abreast of the laws, and responded to any/all questions my Fiance’ and I had regarding possible outcomes. I thank Attorney Smith for providing a personal touch; which can sometimes be overlooked. He is blunt, honest and open from beginning till end. I have recommended Dustin to friends and family, and to you as you read my zealous testimony! Attorney Smith will be there without hesitation — just be open with him, and he will do the same in return. Thanks again Dustin for being a twenty-first century attorney who achieves fairness through justice via the Law. God bless you!“
Attorney Justin Smith - A Twenty-first Century Attorney - Bluntly Honest and Trustworthy, AVVO Review
”Professional, dependable and knowledgeable are just 3 words that I would use to describe attorney Dustin Smith. Mr. Smith reviewed my case, made an assessment and informed me of any steps, if needed, we would take to win my case. Because of Mr. Smith’s expertise we indeed did win this case. Thank you Gruszeczki & Smith.“
Professional, dependable and knowledgeable, AVVO Review

Charlie’s reputation as an excellent lawyer is well deserved. His trial skills are second to none as is his record of success on behalf of his clients. Charlie is honest, thorough and hard working. I highly recommend him.

Excellent Lawyer. Highly Recommend, Google Reviews

I am so glad that I retained the services of Gruszeckzi & Smith. During the initial consultation attorney Dustin Smith reviewed my case, the evidence at hand and presented the possibilities of what could happen and how we would fight it. His professionalism and expertise in the field of law was like none other. I have worked for several firms and attorneys as a legal secretary for many years and attorney Smith’s knowledge of the law was stellar. Many firms will represent you but Gruszeckzi & Smith truly fights for you. Because of Gruszeckzi & Smith and the expertise of attorney Smith, my case was dismissed. Without Gruszeckzi and Smith the outcome of my case could have very well been different. I highly recommend and endorse Gruszeckzi & Smith and will continue to use their firm for all of my legal needs.

Professional and Highly Recommended Attorneys

Dustin Smith has provided valuable consult and legal support on a number of occasions. He has a unique ability to translate complicated legal jargon into understandable terms. He’s certainly talked me off a few ledges! I’ve had a few situations which did not follow normal or predicted paths as they unfolded, but Dustin proved unflappable, professional, and supportive. I would highly recommend this firm to any person with appropriate legal needs.

Dustin Smith is Professional Legal Adviser

Mike is organized, detail oriented, and a tireless advocate for his clients. I can’t thank him enough!

Mike is Organized and Detailed Attorney

I have seen first hand Mike & Dusty work for more than 5 years. There are no attorneys who are more prepared, hard working and knowledgeable about the law. They know how to efficiently and effectively attack a case from all sides. I would highly recommend any person with a legal issue to talk with Mike & Dusty before hiring anyone else. You will find that their character, knowledge and vigor will benefit your case. They will efficiently handle your case in a way that provides the most value for your money.

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