The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is known as one of the world’s largest science museums. You will find an amazing 400,000 ft.² of interactive exhibits that have been displayed so as to spark your scientific creativity and inquiry. The museum has a five-story multi-screen, a World War II submarine, a 727, and a 40 foot tornado. The memories and knowledge that you will gain when touring this fantastic museum will be both unforgettable and life-changing.

The museum has an interesting history that begins with its founder Julius Rosenwald. During a family vacation he was enthralled as he watched a child participate with an interactive museum display. This led to the opening of the museum in 1933 and it continues to be dedicated as a uniquely interactive experience that helps to inspire the creative and inventive genius in everyone. The museum has provided this fantastic opportunity to more than 180 million guests.

The museum goes well beyond being the largest science Museum in the Western Hemisphere. By means of the Center for the Advancement of Education in science, the museum has helped to create development youth programs, science teacher education courses, student learning labs, and after school science associations and clubs. The museum’s goal is to bring science to life for adults and children of all ages.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is on a mission. Their mission and responsibility is to construct a public understanding of science. They want to explain and show how a society is impacted by science. They want everyone to seriously think about the many scientific facets of the world around us. They are committed to providing the truth about how science is vitally important to each and every day of our life.

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the integrity and importance of science. There are questions about the validity of scientific investigation and discovery. This museum is therefore relentless in their pursuit to motivate and inspire the next generation of children. They realize the importance of how today’s children can achieve their full potential in medicine, technology, engineering, and science. These children will require critical thinking skills so that they can later solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Some of the tours and experiences that you can enjoy when visiting the museum include the U – 505 On-board Tour, the Dream It – Design It – Fab It Tour, the Flight and and Ride Simulator Tour, and the WOW Tour. For example, in the Dream It – Design It – Fab It Tour you will be able to make an item in the fabrication laboratory, or Fab Lab. It is a small scale workshop that allows you to dream up an item and then design and make it. Even if you do not know the first thing about fabricating you will be amazed as the friendly staff help you to get underway in a short period of time.

Yes, there are a variety of different types of museums throughout the world but if you have an opportunity to visit Chicago then you must take some time to visit the Museum of Science and Industry. When traveling in Chicago don’t miss taking a ride on the L-Train!