Wrigley Field home of the Chicago Cubs is a historic baseball ballpark on the North side of Chicago since it opened way back in 1914. This makes it the second oldest ballpark in major league baseball, the first being Fenway Park in Boston.

The area around Wrigley Field is affectionately known as Wrigleyville and is a major tourist attraction with lots of bars and restaurants all dedicated to the Chicago Cubs. What makes Wrigley Field special aside from it being a Chicago landmark is that the park was built in the middle neighborhood surrounded by houses and apartment buildings.

Since there are apartment buildings on the outside of the ballpark that overlooks the playing field, you can find bleacher seats erected on top of these buildings where paying customers can take in a game. The owners of the apartment buildings have worked out a deal with the Chicago Cubs ownership to split the profits, but in the past it was not always that way. Since Wrigley Field is a very small ballpark, the owners of the team were looking to maximize revenue which is why they came up with an agreement to split the profits with the apartment building owners.

Another interesting fact about Chicago’s Wrigley Field is the ivy-covered outfield walls. While every ballpark in baseball has a traditional outfield wall made out of wood and padding on top to protect the players, the outfield walls in Wrigley are covered in Ivy. This makes for interesting plays when a ball gets trapped in the Ivy. When that happens it is called a ground rule double where the batter has to stop at second base.

Over the past several years in an effort to bring in more revenue and enhance the ballpark experience, the owners of the team built two modern electronic scoreboards. Previously all Wrigley Field had was a hand-operated scoreboard which sat atop the centerfield bleachers. The unfortunate thing about having the scoreboards built is that it took away the views of some of the rooftop bleachers on the apartment buildings across the street. This reduced some of the charms of the ballpark, but in order to compete in baseball, you need to modernize and make things more comfortable for the fans in the ballpark.

With the ballpark being the main attraction it was never difficult for ownership to sell out the ballpark. In a way, this became a curse since ownership didn’t really have to invest heavily in the product on the field. This led to the Cubs being called the lovable losers until they finally won a World Series in 2016, their first since 1908! After the game be sure to enjoy a slice of Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!