Experienced Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, the time to act is now. Once arrested you still have constitutional rights which are protected by the law. The criminal attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith Law are experienced trial lawyers with an eye towards protecting those rights. Professional, dedicated, and unyielding, the attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith will fight for you or a loved one in court. Our goal in every case is a not guilty verdict at trial or the outright dismissal of your case. Even though some cases never go to trial, the attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith Law use these goals as a starting point in every case so our clients are in the best possible position.

The Advantage of Former Illinois Prosecutors

Attorneys Michael Gruszeczki and Dustin Smith are both former prosecutors. Our clients have the advantage of our unique insight into the minds of the police and the prosecution. We know what the prosecution will argue and how the evidence will be presented at trial. We are familiar with police investigative techniques, procedures, and the manner in which the police testify in court. Our experience gives us an advantage when analyzing your case because we know how to find flaws in the prosecution’s case, and more importantly, we know how to use those flaws to your advantage. We leave no stone unturned.

It is important to remember that an arrest is not a conviction. The state must prove the accused guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in each and every case. The attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith work closely with each of our clients to review the case, educate them on the legal issues, discuss trial strategy and possible witnesses, evaluate the state’s evidence, and analyze any offers from the state.

The criminal attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith are comfortable and experienced when it comes to trying a case in front of a judge or a jury. They are skilled negotiators and understand that the best plea bargains are obtained by pointing out the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. When you contact Gruszeczki & Smith Law you will speak to an attorney about your case immediately. The attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith Law know that your case is the most important case in your life. As your attorneys, we understand that importance and we work tirelessly to keep you informed every step of the way.

If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney or for a lawyer for DUI, drug, traffic, weapons or other similar charges in Chicago, turn to Gruszeczki & Smith. Contact us today for a no-cost, no obligation case evaluation and learn the edge former prosecutors bring to your defense first-hand.